Damian Mavis


Vancouver Canada

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Damian Mavis is a Canadian actor based in Vancouver Canada, he's worked on over 150 productions including feature films, TV Commercials, TV shows, print ads and Short Films.  Damians greatest asset is his wide range and versatility, he's got vast character experience playing good guy roles from heroes, doctors, police and fathers to bad guys such as super villains, gangsters, fighters and monsters.  He's also a screen action fighter expert and often gets hired for stunts and action roles as well.   Damian has worked on Supergirl, Supernatural, Arrow, Legends of Tomorrow, Black Beard, Scorpion King 3, Hangover 2, The Impossible, No Escape, Mechanic 2 and Never Back Down 3 as well as many productions from countries all around the world.  Everything on Damians resume is an acting role (main, principal, actor) or stunt.



About Damian Mavis

Falcon insurance TVC

Age range: 30's,40's

Height: 5'10"

Weight: 195 lbs

Eyes: Blue

Hair: light brown










Career Highlights:


Main role in "Hanuman (White Monkey Warrior)"

Support role in "Haphazard"

Support role in "English dogs"

stunt double Bradly Cooper "Hangover 2"

stunt double Ewan McGregor "The Impossible"

Support or main in over 100 TVC's

Father Joseph 1