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Vancouver Canada

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Languages: English, French, some Japanese, some Thai

Accents: American, Canadian, French, British, Scottish, Irish, Japanese

Combat: Martial arts expert, taekwondo, karate, muaythai, gymnastics, grappling, weapons

Sports: Baseball, hockey

Vehicles: Car, motorcycle


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2019 "DC Legends of Tomorrow" ep 4-15 Role: Stunt Actor Time agent - Canada

2018 "Deadly Class" ep 1-09 Role: Hillbilly stunts - Canada

2018 "2 of us" Role: Zombie stunts - International

2018 "The Flash ep 5-01 Stunt double for cop - Canada

2017 "IZombie ep 4-11" Role: Choir singer (stunts) - Canada

2017 "DC Legends of Tomorrow ep 3-12" Role: Pirate fighter (stunts) - Canada

2017 "The Flash ep 4-08" Role: Nazi soldier (stunts) - Canada

2017 "DC Legends of Tomorrow ep 3-07" Role: Vietnam soldier (stunts) - Canada

2017 "Series of Unfortunate Events ep 2-08" Role: Bearded Man stunt double - Canada

2017 "DC Legends of Tomorrow ep 3-05" Role: Mansion Guard (stunts) - Canada

2017 "DC Legends of Tomorrow ep 3-03" Role: Argus soldier (stunts) - Canada

2017 "DC Legends of Tomorrow ep 3-02" Role: masked thug (stunts) - Canada

2017 "DC Legends of Tomorrow ep 3-01" Role: roman soldier (stunts) - Canada

2017 "English Dogs" Role: Joe (support dialogue role) - UK

2017 "Van Helsing ep 2-12" Role: Scar stunt double - Canada

2017 "Supergirl ep 12-19" Role: Rick stunt double - Canada

2017 "Supernatural ep 12-19" Role: Hozai/Actor - Canada

2017 "Arrow ep 5-18" Role: stunt Russian mafia (stunts) - Canada

2017 "Arrow ep 5-16" Role: stunt Russian mafia (stunts) - Canada

2017 "DC Legends of Tomorrow ep 2-15" Role: stunt soldier (stunts) - Canada

2017 "Haphazard" Role: Erik (support dialogue role) - US

2017 "Kung-fu Yoga" Role: Mercenary (fight action and acting) -China

2017 "The Red Iron Door" Role: Drunken bar patron (comedy) - International

2016 "DC Legends of Tomorrow ep 2-12" Role: stunt Knight (battlefield stunts) - Canada

2016 "Supergirl ep 2-12" Role: prison guard Actor/Stunt - Canada

2016 "Lucifer ep 2-13" Role: stunt security guard (stunt fighting) - Canada

2016 "DC Legends of Tomorrow ep 2-10" Role: stunt security (stunt fighting)  - Canada

2016 "Time Rush" Role: Dr. Garideb (support dialogue role) - US

2016 "Pin Pierces Steel" Role: illegal logger (fight action and acting) - Thailand

2016 "Time Raiders" Role: Mercenary (minor dialogue and action) - China

2016 "Sultan" Role: mma fighter vs Tyron Woodley (fight action) - India

2016 "Hard Target 2" Role: Bar fighter (fight action) - US

2016 "Never Back Down 3" Role: cage fighter vs Nathan Jones (fight action) - US

2016 "Mechanic 2" Role: Max's guard (actor role) - Hollywood

2015 "Vishwaroopam 2 " Role: Army surgeon (support dialogue role) - India

2015 "No Escape" Role: Hotel Guest that gets shot (stunt) - US

2015 "Zero Tolerance" Role: Thug guard (minor dialogue) - US

2014 "Sming (Ghost Tiger)" Role: Ben (support dialogue role) - Thailand

2014 "Tekken X" Role: Swat leader (minor dialogue and stunt fighting) - US

2014 "Jaihind 2" Role: Gang guard (stunt fighting) - India

2014 "A Man Will Rise" Role: Cowboy, stunt fighting, falls - Thailand

2014 "Bang Bang" Role: Gangster, stunts, wire stunt - India

2014 "1" Role: Security Guard (stunt fighting) - India

2014 "Last Flight" Role: Stunt double for Ed Westwick (wire stunts) - China

2014 "Ninnindale" Role: Harley Biker (stunt fighting) - India

2014 "It's Entertainment" Role: funny thug (comedy and action role) - India

2013 "The White Storm" Role: Interpol agent (support dialogue role) - Hong Kong

2013 "Busawanah" Role: sword fighter - India

2013 "Bhai" Role: Gang fighter (stunt fighting) - India

2013 "Love Story" Role: New York Cop (minor dialogue role) - India

2013 "Rangbaaz" Role: Gangster (support) - India

2013 "Vikingdom" Role: Viking, Stunts, falling and sword fighting - US

2013 "Iddarammayilatho" Role: Gangster (support) Stunts, falls, martial arts fighting  - India

2013 "The Jungle" stunt double of lead and stunt coordinator - Russia

2013 "Baadshaw" Role: Gangster, Stunts, falls, martial arts fighting - India

2013 "Shadow" Role: Thug, Stunts, falls, martial arts fighting - India

2012 "Cassanova" Free running stunt double of lead - India

2012 "Scorpion King 3" Role: Talus soldier (minor dialogue role) - US

2012 "The Impossible" Stunt Double + Body Double Ewan McGregor - US

2011 "Teen Maar" Role: Gang Leader (support dialogue role) - India

2011 "Hangover 2" Stunt Double for Bradley Cooper in car stunts - US

2009 "Largo Winch 2" Body Double - France

2008 "Hanuman" Role: Damian (a main role, dialogue in 2 languages) martial arts fighting, gun and swords fight action, stunt falls and extensive wire work - Thailand

2008 "Muay Thai Giant" Role: Jet Pilot (minor dialogue role) - Thailand

2008 "The 5th Commandment" Role: Desk Sergeant (minor dialogue role) stunt explosion, squib, fight action and stunt falls - US

2007 "Bloody snake Under the Sun" Role: U.S. Army lieutenant (support dialogue role) - Japan

2006 "Blackbeard" Role: Robber#1 (support dialogue role) - HBO

2006 "Magnificent Five" Role: Slave trader,  falls and fight action - Thailand

2005 "Tom Yum Koong (The Protector)" Role: Bodyguard, fight action with Tony Jaa - Thailand

2005 "The King Maker" Role: villager, soldier, dancer, fight action, stunts, sword fighting - Thailand





2016 "Boulder Island" Discovery Channel role: Host - international

2016 "Angkor Wat" Discovery Channel role: voice over - international

2016 "Melt" TV action role: French thief (fight action) - Thailand

2016 "Diamond cut diamond" TV action role: mafia enforcer (fight action) - Thailand

2015 "Brutal" tv action drama Role: agressor #2 (minor dialogue and fight action) - France

2015 "Strong Heart" tv action drama Role: ring fighter (action fighting) - Thailand

2014 "Strong Heart" tv action drama Role: gang member (action fighting) - Thailand

2014 "Real Fighting man" tv action drama Role: cage fighter (action fighting) - Thailand

2013 "Nongmai" tv drama Role: Prison Guard (support dialogue role) - Thailand

2013 "Boonphong" tv drama Role: Henry (support dialogue role) - Thailand

2013 "Locked up abroad" National Geographic Role: Terry (support dialogue role) - International

2012 "Discover Thailand" travel show Role: Host (Main dialogue role) - Thailand

2012 "Expat Survivor"  Role: Host (support dialogue role) - Thailand

2012 "Thai drama" Security guard in martial arts action scenes - Thailand





2017 "Tabula Rasa" role: dad (support and action)  - Thailand

2016 "Consolation" role: distraught friend (lead role)  - Thailand

2016 "Herby (music video)" role: futuristic mafia (fighting roles) - China

2015 "The Room" role: prisoner (lead role)  - Thailand

2015 "Made of War" role: Ed Baron (lead role)  - Thailand

2015 "Selfie" role: Funny Zombie (lead role)  - Thailand

2015 "Playing Satan"  role: Dr. John Evans (lead dialogue role)  -  Thailand

2015 "Letter to Lucas "  role: Aiden (main dialogue role)  -  Thailand

2015 "Saving Mr Banks"  role: Walt Disney (main dialogue role)  -  Thailand

2014 "Malus"  Role: Father Joseph (main dialogue role) - Thailand

2014 "32 Minutes"  Role: Male passenger (main dialogue role) - Thailand

2014 "Karma Kills" role: gang fighter (fight action) - Thailand

2014 "Confinement"  Role: Anthony (main dialogue role) - Thailand

2014 "Reverse"  Role: Chris (main dialogue role) - Thailand

2014 "Amour Brutale"  Role: Cajun Guy (main dialogue and action role) - Thailand

2014 "I love Bangkok"  Role: Damian (main dialogue role) - Thailand

2014 "Strangers in the Park" Role: French guy (main dialogue role) - Thailand

2013 "The Lookout" Role: Dom Looker (Main dialogue role) - Thailand

2012 "Lovesick" Role: Mason Graham (Main dialogue role) - Thailand

2012 "Iceville" Role: Ron - (Main dialogue role) - Thailand

2012 "Death in the Family" Role: John (Main dialogue role) - Thailand

2012-2013 "My Bangkok Life" Multiple roles, ongoing comedy series on YouTube





2015 "Mongkrut Talay Fish" role: Poseidon (main, country wide campaign) - Thailand

2015 "Bucher Sausage" role: impatient musician (minor dialogue) - Thailand

2015 "Time Vallee Watches" role: medievil knight with sword action - China

2014 "Voltaren" role: "Barbershop customer" - Germany

2014 "Maxis Telecom" role: "Damian - head engineer" - Malaysia

2014 "Rod D seasoning powder" role: Fitness Instructor - Thailand

2014 "Oriental Princess"  Role: Hunter - Thailand

2014 "Xmen bodycare"  Role: mafia gangster - Vietnam

2014 "Offroad Clothing"  Role: Jungle Trekker on raft - Korea

2013 "Online Poker"  Role: King for print and King stunt double - France

2013 "Coffee Machine"  Role: Traveller (support) - Italy

2013 "Thai Energy"  Role: Engineer (main support) - Thailand

2013 "Krungsri Bank"  Role: Man sending money abroad (main) - Thailand

2013 "Axe Body Spray"  Role: Vietnam era soldier flying in Helicopter (support) - International

2013 "Cough Syrup"  Role: man drinking coffee and flying (main support) - Vietnam

2013 "Shoppening"  Role: business man (main support) - International

2013 "Lifebuoy Soap"  Role: business man (main support) - South Africa

2013 "Nestlé milk" Role: Doctor (Main dialogue role) - India

2012 "Crystal design center" Role: business man (featured support) - Thailand

2012 "Click Security" Role: Zombie (second main) - Japan

2012 "MRF Tires" Role: Truck Driver (support) - India

2012 "Actko Acne pills" Role: Skin specialist (Main dialogue role) - Thailand

2012 "Closeup Whitenow" Role: Gay fashion designer (second main dialogue role) - Thailand

2012 "Dina Soy milk" Role: Scientist (support dialogue role) - Thailand

2012 "Restiv hair treatment" Role: husband happy with hair - Thailand

2012  "Megaphone" Role: business man - Russia

2012  "Black Label" Role: Johnnie Walker - Thailand

2012  "British Lottery" Role: WW2 soldier, stunt jumping, firing heavy machine gun - England

2012 "Matrix condo City Center Role: Mafia and Thug, stunt Free running, motorcycle chase, jetski, fighting and falling - Thailand

2011 "Samsung Smart TV" Role: Father with daughter (support dialogue role) - Korea

2011 "Kubota Tractors" Role: father with son on farm (featured support) - Japan

2011 "Lottery" Role: Father with son at Zoo (featured support) - Thailand

2011 "Whisper" Role: Photographer (featured support) - Thailand

2011 "AP Condo" Role: Boss on Segway (featured support) - Thailand

2011 "Matrix Amazon Condo" Role: Indiana Jones (Main dialogue role) stunt falls, fight action, 60m high zip lines - Thailand

2011 "Matrix Vision Condo" Role: Swat Team leader (support dialogue role) stunt rolls, jumping over moving car - Thailand

2011 "France2" Role: Warehouse worker playing game (featured support) - France

2011 "Samsung mobile" Role: Agent (support dialogue role) - Korea

2011 "Black Label" Role: Mr. Black (Main dialogue role) - Thailand

2011 "Blacklist Party" Role: Johnnie Walker (Main dialogue role) - Thailand

2011 "Thai business tourism" Role: business man (featured support) - Thailand

2011 "Thai Ford Car" Role: Gangster bodyguard (featured support) - Thailand

2011 "Corporate Video" Role: Father laughing with family (featured support) - Korea

2010 "France1" Role: Taekwondo Instructor teaching (support dialogue role) - France

2010 "Spy" Role: Father with family (featured support) - Denmark

2010 "Coke Zero" Role: Swat team member (featured support) dangerous stunt riding in dune buggy - International

2009 "ABG Investors group" Role: Fantasy orchestra conductor (featured support) - India

2008  "Falcon Insurance" Role: boyfriend escaping from killer (main dialogue role) - Thailand

2008 "Hong Kong Condo" Role: Boyfriend, gym buddy (featured support) - Hong Kong

2008 "Falling" Role: Business man (support) stunt jumping and flipping - Italy

2008 "TOT Tourism" Role: Boyfriend tourist (featured support) -Thailand

2008 "Colgate mouthwash" Role: man in elevator looking strange (featured support) - Russia


Approximately 40 other TVC previous to this





2015 Canon TVC Asia (17 countries)

2012 Matrix Condos City Center TVC shoot Thailand

2012 The Jungle movie Russia

2011 Matrix Condos Visions TVC shoot Thailand

2011 Matrix Condos Amazon TVC shoot Thailand

2008 2 music videos Thailand and U.S.






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